Central Park and Bushwick Collective Murals Elopement

This is one of my all time favorite elopements and I have been keeping it to myself for way to long! Between the beautiful fall scenery in Central Park, a celebrity sighting, an awesome couple and the best collection of street art in NYC, you can't do much better. Oh and dancing. Subway dancing. I met Jeleann & Enrico in Central Park at the Gapstow Bridge for their secret ceremony. We took portraits around the southern end of the park and came across filming of the Showtime series Billions with Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis. Just as we got close Mr. Giamatti headed off so we missed a chance at a photo op. Oh well! I'll have to keep enjoying him on tv. Can't wait for season 2 in February.

We then grabbed the subway to Brooklyn at Columbus Circle after a brief dance number in the station. (Who says you can't have a first dance when you are eloping? I am ALL for this and there are often musicians around for a tip willing for play whatever you'd like.) We arrived in Bushwick and explored the streets maintained by the artists of the Bushwick Collective. I'm a huge fan of street art and NYC and I love a chance to blend my photographic loves, weddings and street art.

Another thing I loved about this elopement was that the couple got to have a special day to themselves how they wanted it. So often big weddings are about so much more (though many good things) but that the couple and their wishes and experience can sometimes get lost in the chaos. This was a relaxed fun day and I'm so glad to have been a part of it.

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