Spring Central Park Elopement: Daniel and Kristina

We are standing in busy Grand Central terminal and the light is amazing. I'm waiting for breaks in the traffic to shoot this lovely couple and this guys walks up and starts talking to them. And talking, and talking and gives the groom Daniel something. After I finally get my shot, I go ask him, what did he want? The guy gave him a $10 Starbucks gift card with a bible verse on it. I swear, I've never had a couple attract more attention than these two! They were stopped several times for photos with tourists in the park. Obviously they are adorable and looked amazing, but what gives? Then I remembered it was Spring Break and tons of tourists flood the city, including many church groups on mission.

Daniel and Kristina were married in Central Park at the Ladies Pavilion by Suane an associate of Kim Worley. It was a brisk but mostly sunny early April day and it was just perfect. We took their elopement photos in Central Park, Grand Central, on Brooklyn Bridge and did getting ready at their hotel. We even had lunch at the Central Cafe under the overpass by Grand Central!