NYC City Hall & Dumbo Elopement: Aimee and Lloyd

  • Wedding Ceremony: New York City Hall
  • Portrait Locations: Brooklyn Bridge, Dumbo, One Girl Cookie
  • Season: Spring, May
  • Collection: 3 hours

I think this couple could win for "happiest couple of the year", they were just so happy to be getting married! It was a pleasure to document Aimee and Lloyd's day along with their friends. I was personally so happy to be there after getting stuck in DC the day before while flying home from weddings in New Orleans. When we landed for our connecting flight that morning, I saw our flight was cancelled. Turns out there was fog in NYC and nothing was getting in or out. After a few more cancelled flights,  I grabbed my 3 year old and all my camera gear and took the subway to the train station and took that to New York. It was the day Amtrak reopened after the horrible accident near Philly a few weeks before. It was a slow ride, especially with a cranky child who hadn't napped, but we eventually made it home. My luggage did not, so after running around town the next morning buying things, including all new make-up, I finally made it to this shoot on time and just thankful to be there! Worst case, I have friends who would be happy to fill it, but I take my commitments seriously.

Lesson learned: Only non-stop with kids. it was the one time I tried it, and I will be regretting it forever!