Spring New York City Hall & West Village Elopement

  • Wedding Ceremony: New York City Hall
  • Portrait Locations: West Village, Washington Square Park
  • Season: Spring, late April
  • Collection: 3 hours


Months before this elopement I got a call from the mother of this bride to see if I was available. We chatted a bit and I could tell right away how important it was for her that her daughter's wedding day be documented since they were eloping and had elected to have no family present. As a parent, I can understand how hard that would be to not be there on an important day of your child's life, even if they are all grown up! 

After the wedding she sent me a sweet email thanking me and saying she felt as if she was present though the photos. That touched me greatly because that is my true desire with all the photos I make and it made me happy to know she was happy! :) She also wrote, "what a privilege that you get to participate in one of the happiest days in peoples lives as they marry". I couldn't agree more!